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Our diversity and inclusion commitment

INK Hotel Amsterdam – MGallery Collection is part of the Accor Group and with 300.000 employees in all four corners of the globe, diversity is a daily reality for our Group. Our ambition, which we want to take forward with all of you, forms part of a drive to be open, promote equality in the workplace and prevent discrimination, everywhere we operate. We love that we are all different and we value that.


A long-standing and proactive approach: our diversity ambition is structured around 4 priorities.

– Gender diversity and equality

– The integration of people with disabilities

– A breadth of ethnic, social and cultural origins

– Multi-generational synergy


To make the transition from words to actions, a Diversity & Inclusion governance structure has been built around an international community that meets regularly to share best practices and roll out our Diversity & Inclusion Commitment at an operational level, wherever we are.


To champion the Group’s eight commitments and spread their influence as widely as possible, they have been brought together under the Group Diversity & Inclusion Commitment.


At INK Hotel Amsterdam – MGallery Collection this is an intrinsic part of our DNA as we want our spaces to feel save, respectful and INKlusive to people of all ethnicities, genders, religions, sexualities, abilities, ages or any other differentiators.


It is an honor to share our commitment to the support, empowerment and advocacy for ALL who work or stay with us and do so unconditionally. Therefore, we transform INK Hotel every summer into PINK Hotel for Pride Amsterdam Week. During this week we organize informative and celebrative events to raise awareness for diversity and INKlusivity. Whoever you are, where ever you come from, whomever you love, whatever you do, whatever you believe, whatever your dreams are: don’t stop until you are proud. We cannot change the entire world ourselves, but we can start with ourselves!


All year though we keep our Pride celebration going, not only in the summer, but every day of the year. Building a diverse and inclusive community has always been at the core of who we are as a company. Our values and culture encourages you to come as you are and dare to be who you are! We believe there is strength in unity and power in diversity. What that means is a culture of inclusion that welcomes everyone in a place recognized as a ‘safe place’ and free from harassment, discrimination, bias or physical threat.


As a community, as an industry and as a company, there is more work to be done. And we promise to continue to take the steps necessary to be a force for change and inclusion.

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