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In this edition of #Meet the INKies we had the pleasure of interviewing Dolores, our housekeeping manager.


How long have you been working at INK Hotel for now? And in what function?
I am the housekeeping manager of INK Hotel Amsterdam for almost four years now. Before the renovation of INK Hotel Amsterdam, I was already housekeeping manager of the Sofitel Convent hotel. I have been working for ACCOR Hotels for almost 29 years. For me it feels like I am working with my family. After so many years, I still love my job!


If you had to describe your work talents in hashtags, which 3 hashtags will this be?
#theShiner #driven #enthousiast
If my colleagues had the possibilities to answer this question, they will answer it with #theperfectionist. In my position as a housekeeping manager, it is very important that everything is as clean as possible. I am very strict in that area, also towards the employees. I want the guests who stay with us, to sleep in the cleanest rooms they have ever seen.


What is your favourite activity of your work? Why?
Coaching, motivating, organizing and achieving goals together.

What is your most memorable moment since you work at INK?
Since I am working at INK there are were many memorable moments for me. One of those moments are the themed parties that we have been organised, for example PINK Hotel Amsterdam, get INKed and Bubbles & Braadworst. This theme parties are the most memorable for me. Those parties comes with a lot of preparation, together with the whole team of INK Hotel Amsterdam we ensure that such an evening always succeed. Another memorable moment that will always stay with me, is winning the Bernache award. The Bernache award is an award that is awarded within all hotels that are part of ACCOR hotels.  We received this award for recognition of the management team of INK Hotel Amsterdam.


How would you describe what it is like to work at INK? What makes your work so fun?
I love to be the ‘mother’ of this ‘baby’ for almost 4 years. I am part of hotel from the very first moment. I love to see the hotel grow and I am super proud of all the things that we already achieved. It is an honor to see INK grow and develop in a beautiful ‘out of the box’ hotel. Where stories are still to be written…


What is the perfect way to spend your free time?
The perfect way for me is being together with my family, having dinner with my friends, baking cakes. Making other people happy, makes me happy!


What is so special about INK ?
The rich history of the building. INK Hotel Amsterdam is perfect located in the city heart of Amsterdam. The story of INK Hotel Amsterdam which is told through the entire hotel.


What is your favourite place within the hotel?
My favourite/special place is room 150. This room is located at the front of the hotel. The hotel has a view of the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and has beautiful high windows and ceilings.
We also use this room for all the events that we organise. During the PINK Hotel Amsterdam event this room is always completely transformed into the pink room.





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